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Traditional ways to start a home service business stink

Sales people scour LinkedIn, trying to pitch you on the merits of a "National Brand", but fail to mention a pile of rules, outdated systems, and huge upfront costs. Your other option is to buy a home service company - but personal guarantees, unknown liabilities, and risk abound.That said, the support that established business models can provide can be extremely useful to aspiring business owners on their journey.What if there was a way to get all the benefits of an "old school" relationship, but without all the rules and costs?That’s why our Garage Affiliate Program was launched.We believe our affiliate-based growth model is:
- 10 times less expensive
- 10 times faster to launch
- 10 times better technology
We began as a 15-year-old, highly reviewed garage upgrade company launched in Southern California. We've now grown - and have affiliates across the country!

Run your business the way you want to

Let's shake things up together

Model:Traditional MethodsvsAffiliate
Launch Time.?.Target 60 days
Brand.Their Brand.Your Brand
Cost."If this doesn't work I have to move in with my in-laws".Put it on your credit card
Vendor Restrictions.Often.None
Marketing Contribution.Mandatory.None
Support Staff.Untrained, costs 50k/year.Trained, costs 15K/year

Our First Company Has 15 years of operations

WE're really good at what we do

An expert is someone who has made every mistake possible, in a given field. By that definition, we are one of the leading experts in garage upgrades in the world! We've been through it all - and have survived and thrived. We'd love to share those lessons with you.

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